hand sewn leather  

How to order a Custom Leather Knife Sheath 

In an effort to make your custom sheath order a pleasant experience, I have come up with this “how to”  page.  This should make your custom order go much more smoothly.

The first thing I want you to know is that I really want to make you happy.  You will expect your sheath to fit correctly and so do I.   The only realistic way for me to make a custom sheath fit right is to have your knife in my shop.  I no longer work off of tracings sent in the mail, so please don’t ask.  I am a professional and I give professional results…but I must have your knife or I cannot do your job.  I do have many factory knives in my collection, so tell me which knife you have and if I have the same knife, there will be no need to send me yours. 

1.  Decide what type of type design you want.  Go to my “products’ tab and then click on “sheaths”.  Next you will find about a dozen broad categories.  Each category has many different examples.  You can click on any picture and it will enlarge so you can get a better look. Look through everything that interest you, then write down the item number.  All my pictures have item numbers; just hold your curser over the picture and an item number will come up.  Send me that item number.

2.  Pick a color.  I offer Black, Dark Saddle Tan, or Light Saddle Tan

3. Decide if you want tool work or plain.  Just look through all the pictures…even ones in different categories, I can put almost any design on almost any sheath. Here is an example of a lot of tool work (called basketweave). Here is a little near the stitch line, and this one is plain.

4. You can design your own sheath by picking different parts that you like from different sheaths.  You could say “ I like the handle snap of SKU: CON004 but I want it on the sheath like SKU: BTH006, but I want it stamped like SKU BTH 004”.

5.  Tell me about your knife.  Please be as specific as you can.  Use the steps above and I can get you a price for your very own custom leather knife sheath.