hand sewn leather

About Robert Jones

Originally from Texas, Robert resides in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife of 31 years. They have four children, currently there are 3 wonderful grandchildren.

He enjoys his family, reading, the outdoors, and making knives and sheaths.

Robert is a supporter of and vendor on the online forum BushcraftUSA.com. He has sucessfully completed the Bushcraft Basic requirements and is currently working toward their Intermediate Certification. Sometimes he visits KnifeDogs.com and BladeForums.com. At all of these sites, Robert's username is Beo-wulf.

A Letter from Robert

My name is Robert Jones. I made my first knives and sheaths in the late 1970’s. After many years of being a knife and sheath enthusiast, I continued to make a few knives and sheaths for family and friends. Several years ago, I became very serious about custom leather sheath making.

With the encouragement of friends and family, I launched Hand Sewn Leather. I now produce custom, one-of-a-kind sheaths and I also run bulk lines for knife makers and retailers, but each sheath is still hand sewn from top quality, vegetable tanned leather. I have now made and sold about 10,000 sheaths, with about half of these being sold on eBay where my feedback runs about 99 - 100% positive.

As my products went out all over the world, I began to get more and more orders. Soon I could no longer keep up with the demand, so I trained some help. And later, I had to train even more help. I now have 2-3 part time contractors that help me produce various leather products. I like growing a business, but I also really like helping people, and I like them to grow along with me. That is why I worked 10 years as the full time Night Chaplain of a local Homeless Shelter, and many of my contractors have come from there. Many hands make light work, they also speed things up. My production time is quick, but I watch over the quality of every single item. When our leather products meet my standards, I put my name on them.

If you are looking for a leatherworker to get the job done right, please consider giving me and my crew a chance. That is all we ask. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed. I am looking for partnerships with both knife makers and bulk retailers. We can do your design or mine, and we can make you 1 sheath or 100. Please visit my website and then contact me if you are interested in top quality, leather sheaths at very reasonable prices.