hand sewn leather  


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If I had leatherworking skills as you do, it is just the sort of thing I would have made for the knife. Reckon you read my mind ! - Richard

it really is amazing!
Your craftsmanship is second to none and without even seeing the knife
you have created a sheath that compliments it perfectly!
Once again thank you for your skilled work and your polite manner and
timely customer service, it was a real pleasure doing business with you.
I will certainly be recommending your work to my friends and family. - Leif

I can't be more pleased with the leather goods that I have purchased from "Hand Sewn Leather" by Robert Jones! The quality of the workmanship is outstanding and his attention to detail is impeccable! He truly is a Master Craftsman in the "Old World Tradition", something you don't see much of these days. Comminications are always a pleasure and the shipping is exremely fast and reliable. I highly recommend this gentleman to all who are interested in purchasing QUALITY leather goods! - Larry

All I can say is, wow. Your work is simply beautiful done with obvious skill and precision. Thank you for a wonderful product, I wished I lost my sheath years ago! Thank you again! - Ross

My knife sheath arrived today and is a perfect fit for my abbreviated Browning model 815. I'm proud to have a nice sheath and knife to wear. You do mighty fine work. - Joe

The sheath is awesome! It is nice to know there are still honest people in the world. - Paul

Most Excellent work, The pic's didn't do your work justice.Your a true "Old World Craftsman". - Will

I received the sheath on Wednesday; a really nice job! I strapped the knife on for my morning run and it held in place perfectly, I couldn't be happier, and the quality and beauty of the sheath are better then I had expected. If I have a knife in the future that needs a sheath I'll certainly use your services again. Thank you. - Roy